Online information and database services

We are approved information providers

Fragus InfoGO has been approved by the Swedish Transport Agency as an information provider. We provide access to all online vehicle registration database services, allowing you to easily:

  • Collect information and extracts on registered vehicles, technical information, addresses, owners and inspection data;
  • Register changes of ownership and trade-ins, deregister and reregister vehicles, conduct reviews or apply for insurance; and
  • Gain access to the Swedish Transport Agency’s road traffic database and driving licence database (VTR) via the Direct access and Direct reporting services.

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We offer the commercial vehicle market packaged solutions involving vehicle registration database services, vehicle-related information and warranty concepts. We provide a flexible technical platform that enables open APIs, digital delivery and coordination of products and services that are customised to streamline individual customers’ businesses. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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Direct Access and Direct Reporting to the Swedish road traffic database

Work easily and cost-effectively with InfoGO

  • With Direct Access to the Swedish Road Traffic Database, you have access to extensive vehicle information, as well as data on vehicle owners, users and keepers, car sales information, driving licence information and address information.

  • With Direct Reporting, you can register changes of ownership, credit holds and rental markings, as well as deregister and reregister vehicles and order registration certificates and licence plates.

Other services that we offer with InfoGO

  • Generation of sales and purchasing contracts as well as deposit agreements for used vehicles.

  • Generation of trade descriptions


Access to all services and functions via our website, which works on PC/Mac, tablets and mobile phones.


When exchanging an imported car, you can minimise the risk of expensive surprises, dissatisfied customers and general badwill by easily extracting a CARFAX report via our portal, which helps you to:

  • Discover manipulated mileage – only via CARFAX!
  • Get a relevant and comprehensive vehicle inspection before purchasing
  • Reveal any hidden faults through the inspection history and conflicting vehicle data

Some of the partners who use our VTR service
Fragus InfoGO

Outstanding support with short lead times and quick responses in the event of a problem. Easy and user-friendly system with a functionality that definitely fulfils our business’s requirements and needs.

Christian Lundgren, Business Director

Auto1 / AutoHero

“Smart and flexible service that can be adapted to small and large volumes and which facilitated our daily operations from the start! Could not recommend more!” 

Niklas Sköldborg, Project Manager Business Analytics and Corp IT Nordics

Handlarfinans / AMCAP Garage

“We are extremely satisfied with FragusOnline! The service is reliable and adapted to our needs, and we always get quick help when we need it. We recommend it to all companies in the automotive industry, big and small.”

Axel Nordblom, CEO and founder

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