A unique safety warranty for your electric car

GOSafe Electric is one of the first warranties for used electric cars on the market. Unsure of the technology in electric cars? GOSafe Electric is a comprehensive warranty for almost all used electric cars less than 9 years old. GOSafe Electric makes dealing with bad luck easier and safer.

TARGET GROUP: Almost all used electric cars less than 9 years old. 
DEDUCTIBLES: No deductibles.
ELIGIBILITY: Until the vehicle turns 10 years old or has driven 200,000 km (whichever comes first). 
MAX. VALIDITY PERIOD: 36 months. See your warranty statement for the validity period.
WARRANTY CONDITIONS: When you purchase a vehicle, you will receive the warranty conditions sent to your e-mail. 

Validity requirements

The vehicle must be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. The vehicle must be approved by a Fragus GOSafe retailer before the warranty can be issued. The warranty can be transferred if the vehicle is sold to a private person. However, the warranty is automatically terminated if the vehicle is exported or if it is sold to independent dealerships or via a vehicle broker.