Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

These are our guidelines for how we as a company conduct our business in an ethical, socially and environmentally correct way. The code of conduct builds on international guidelines, such as the United Nations Global Compact. The code of conduct is strengthened by our values and our will to be a role model in both business and society. Good behaviour generates trust, which in turn lays the foundation for a successful business.

Business principles based on our core values

We shall be a reliable and honest partner and honour our commitments. We believe in long-term business relationships that enable both us and our business partners to set the conditions and foundations for profitable financial results, environmentally friendly practices and social engagement.

Our role as supplier and in different supply chains in different countries requires that our employees and business partners take responsibility – for both themselves and each other. Therefore, we have created a set of guidelines, our code of conduct. We expect everyone in our company to follow this code, and we will inform our stakeholders about this code as a natural part of our business relationship.

We abide by laws and regulations

We abide by the respective laws and regulations of each country we operate in. We respect and follow all regulations that affect our business, such as competition rules, environmental legislation, labour market laws and other contracts.

Human rights and working conditions

We respect international conventions on human rights. We support and respect basic human rights in all our business activities. We do not tolerate under any circumstances child labour, forced labour or labour that is performed under the threat of violence.

Diversity and equal opportunities

Fragus recruits new employees and gives its employees equal opportunities and treatment, regardless of gender or gender identity, marital status, ethnicity or nationality, sexual orientation, race, religion, political opinion, age or disability. Diversity is encouraged in our company.

We actively strive to eliminate all forms of discrimination against our employees. We pay fair wages and benefits in accordance with the applicable standards of the country where we are conducting our business.

Fragus maintains freedom of association in accordance with local legislation, and all employees are free to start or participate in trade union activities. Fragus recognises the right to collective bargaining over employment conditions.

A healthy and secure work environment

We offer our employees a healthy and secure work environment. We aim to keep work-related accidents and personal injuries to a minimum. At the very least, Fragus strictly abides by the relevant national laws and/or collective agreements.

Our environmental responsibility

We aim to minimise our environmental impact and are an environmentally conscious company that aims to lead by example through the way we conduct our business. We aim to meet or exceed the requirements set by the applicable environmental legislation. We conduct open dialogue with our employees, customers, suppliers and partners about the company’s environmental and energy work. We always consider the environmental consequences before introducing new products. We actively strive to extend our environmental considerations to our business partners.

Impartiality and anti-corruption

We do not offer our business partners or other stakeholders any rewards or benefits that violate applicable legislation or reasonable and accepted business practices. We do not participate in any form of corrupt business activities, and all our business relationships are characterised by impartiality. If Fragus employees are invited to events organised by suppliers, this must be approved by the employees’ immediate superior. Fragus bears any costs of travel and accommodation itself. Neither Fragus nor any of its employees may receive personal gifts or services that exceed the established level or participate in entertainment beyond normal business activities.

Distinguishing between company and personal interests

Our employees should avoid being in situations where their personal or financial interests may conflict with Fragus’ interests. If there is a risk of a conflict of interest, the employee should report this to their immediate superior, who will handle the matter.


For us, sponsorship is not primarily about mutual commercial gain. By supporting vulnerable children in environments where healthcare and education are not always accessible, we hope to contribute to continuous development. Therefore, we have chosen to donate money annually to research and/or various aid organisations. 

Neutrality and transparency

We strive to achieve open communication with our stakeholders within the framework of protecting trade secrets. When it comes to politics, political parties and candidates, Fragus adopts a neutral position. Neither Fragus nor company assets may be used to promote such interests.

Follow-up and information

Company managers are responsible for informing our employees and business partners about Fragus’ code of conduct, as well as explaining its content and its significance. Naturally, Fragus’ managers must always set a good example. Any incidents or action that violate our code of conduct must be reported to Fragus’ CEO.