“Subscriptions tailored to the customer benefit both the customer and us”

Deluxe bil

Deluxe Bil is an authorised retailer for Peugeot, Dodge and RAM.

In addition, it offers a wide selection of newer used cars in its modern and newly built 1,800-square-metre car plant, which even has a Meca full-service workshop. The company is located in Varberg Nord, a well-known area next to the E6, where many people stop daily to refill their tank and their stomachs. The company has achieved significant growth in recent years and a turnover of approx. SEK 170 million in 2019. When CEO Daniel Kolevski was asked how he viewed the state of things in April 2020, he answered:

It is of course an uncertain time for many people right now, and the automotive industry has also been significantly affected. As the production of new cars is down, we cannot deliver what the market is currently demanding the most: electric and hybrid cars. Luckily, we have built up solid finances, which gives us important security.However, while we believe that we will experience a successful recovery this year, we are currently focusing on offering our customers multiple alternatives and various services as subscription agreements.
Daniel Kolevski

Subscriptions are becoming more and more attractive

“Many people have already turned to ongoing subscriptions to meet their daily needs, such as mobile services, streaming services for music and film, and IT services. People want to be able to access the function they need without any expensive surprises. And they want this to be easy and uncomplicated!”

A more even and predictable cash flow

“Subscriptions provide significant advantages for me, as I love to have complete control over my finances. With a few quick menu choices, I can see how we are doing on a daily basis, and plan and act based on that,” said Daniel.

A digital platform makes things easier and saves time

“We work together with AB Svensk Bilgaranti on warranty products and Fragus GOSafe, a digital platform that not only easily transforms our services into subscriptions, but also automatically manages service agreements, administration tasks, mailing services and market support.”


Easy for the customer with no expensive surprises

“Regardless of whether the customer wants to own or rent their car, we have subscriptions that offer the exact functionality that the customer needs, such as servicing, warranties, tyre replacement and car care services. Our sales representatives quickly produce a suggested subscription with a fixed monthly cost. The customer is e-mailed the offer. If they accept it, an agreement is created. It’s extremely easy for both retailers and customers.”

A tool for building long-term customer relationships

“Like many other people in the automotive industry, we know how valuable it is to create long-term customer relationships, where customers regularly return for services, additional purchases, exchanges, etc. In a competitive market, we must continually strive to make customers want to choose us as often as possible. Subscriptions enable us to become more familiar with our customers’ needs as well as to test different offers with little to no burden on the sales system.”

We’re opening up for new local collaboration

“We have recently begun to work with subscription services, but I am already seeing new opportunities where we can collaborate with local companies to offer a wider range. We have a complete service workshop ourselves, but these opportunities for new collaboration could involve car care, tyre hotels, repairing stone chips, installing roof boxes or meeting other needs customers may have. The more services we have, the more attractive prices we can offer our customers.”

“I look at subscriptions as something that benefits both our customers and us from multiple perspectives,” Daniel summarised, before returning to greet two waiting customers with a wide smile.